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What you thought of Competition Coatings
My name is Kevin Mutton from Hartwigs Trucks in Shepparton Vic, a couple of months ago I sent up to you guys two by mild steel exhaust elbows off a new freightliner 114 that you treated for me to give it a chrome finish, so far it has worked well and I was wandering if I was to send up another set would you be right to do the same thing.

Kevin Mutton

Scotts Rods Mitsubishi Evo 5

Speedway Kart
Hi Peter,

Attached is a photo of the finished speedway Briggs. I have had to take the rear wing off because of the new regulations, and built a speedway body for it.

If you want the old wing let me know and it's yours.

Thanks again for all your help.


Leigh Walker

cam covers
Hi Peter & Debbie,

I saw the 'what you thought!' site on your page and wanted also to say thank you for the ceramic coating job of my motorcycle headers a couple of days ago.

I'm really happy with it and it looks exactly what I had in mind.

Attached are two photos of the bike, please feel free to add them to your page if you like.

All the best & thanks for a great job,

Marc Dunn

cam covers
Hi Debbie,

Attached are the photos I took of the cam covers after installation.

The car is now 22 years old and I am keeping it as stock as possible but these covers certainly add some class to the engine bay.

A great job and a tribute to the skills of the folks you have working for you.

Kind regards,

Walter Williams

coated headers and intake
Hi this is my mustang it is 1966 one off special order came with a set of Kelsey hayes 4 piston disc brakes as it was ordered with a gt rally pack
It has Hooker super competition headers ceramic coated by yours truly and will now have ceramic coated manifold by you as well
Dyno for tuning runs comfortably at 7 to 8000 rpm heaps of torque over 800 newton metres at 3500 rpm and with keeping everything under the bonnet it gets 412 hp to the rear tyres
Ross Gardiner
coated headers and muffler
G'Day Guys!
Here are the Pics I promised you....... Also a few technical details just for you Pete. hehehe!
The Bike is a 'Ducati 1098 S Tricolore'. It is expected this is what they will be racing in 'World Superbike' next season... (although not in this colour scheme). The Tricolore version was offered as a 'Limited Production' model, only available to order during 2007 at a cost of just under $40 000AUD Orders are no longer being accepted. They are delivered complete with all the Moto GP race accessories and data logging equipment and software.
As delivered the 1099cc 'L-Twin' desmodromic 4 valve motor produces 173HP at the wheel at 10500rpm and produces 92ft/lbs of torque at 8200rpm. (80% of this torque is available by 4000rpm!!!) The bike weighs in at 171kg's dry. It utilises a dry racing style clutch, has 6 gears, and a claimed top speed of "295kph Plus" according to Ducati. It has been my experience with my pevious 996 Ducati their claims are usually rather conservative.
Thanks heaps for your service
As always over the last 19 years I have trusted you with my work, it has been excellent in all areas!!!!
buel coated headers and muffler
Hi Peter & Debbie
This is a picture of the headers and muffler that you coated for my BuellLightning. I have ridden about 600km so far with absolutely nodiscolouration. The pipes are definitely cooler to touch after a long ride.So all in all I am very impressed, both with the quality and price. I won'thesitate to push your product.
Allan Blakley
Engine Coatings
440 Dodge powered hotrod...9.96 @ 136 mph on pump gas
Thanks for all your help with the coatings, it really does finish the car off well.
Ceramic Coated Exhaust
HS3 Bontrike 2000 model..13 sec down mile
Engine : Volkswagen powered 2300 cc built by Leons Motors Transmission: volkswagen 4 speed with highway gearsHorsepower 120 hpExhaust ceramic coated by Competition Coatings
Extractor Coatings
Thanks for a great Job of coating the extractors on my vintage Sprintcar
The car is the one that American Danny Smith drove In the Australian Sprintcar Series in the 1989-90 season(Now World Series Sprintcars) I have restored it to the way it looked than . Thanks David Budden
Intake Manifold Coatings
Attached is a pic of the engine bay of my 1990 Nissan 300ZX.
It has won two trophies (best engine bay and voters choice) at ZedFest 2008.
Not only does the coating look almost identical to it's previously polished alluminium surface but lowered the engine bay temps considerably . Not able to be seen are also the exhaust manifolds that were coated with the hi temp black coating.
The coating works so well on these especially that the OEM heat shields have been discarded.    This page last modified Tuesday July 30, 2013 at 04:13:52 PM